zLabbers Joyce Park, Rohit Khare, and Adam Rifkin will be attending ETech, the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, to be held March 14-17, 2005 in San Diego, California. See you there!

zLabbers Rohit Khare, Joyce Park, Marty Tenenbaum, and Adam Rifkin attended Web 2.0 on October 5-7, 2004, in the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, CA. Adam posted his Web 2.0 notes as well.

zLab Director Rohit Khare attended Hypertext 2004, August 9-13, 2004, in Santa Cruz, CA.

zLabbers Rohit Khare and Adam Rifkin attended DEFCON 12 July 30-31 in Las Vegas, NV. Adam typed up his DEFCON 12 notes.

zLabbers Rohit Khare and Marty Tenenbaum attended CEC 2004, July 6-9, 2004, San Diego, CA. Marty gave an invited talk on
Business Service Networks.