As part of Identity Commons, the Internet Identity Workshop creates opportunities for both innovators and competitors, providing an open forum for all organizations—big and small—to come together in a safe and balanced space. The heart of the workshop is a practical idealism about working towards a decentralized, user-oriented identity layer for the Internet.

Originally, the Web was built around “pages,” so no tools or standards were established to control the collection and usage of personal information. The Workshop brings together people who are working on solutions to address this issue. It isn’t about any specific technology but rather is a place to discuss multiple interoperating (and possibly competing) projects, standards, and networks for identity, data sharing, and reputation.

CommerceNet is a regular sponsor of the Internet Identity Workshop meetings; and several team members—Allan M Schiffman, Rachna Dhamija, and Lisa Dusseault—frequently attend the biannual sessions.