ChipIn ChipIn

ChipIn’s plan was to create web widgets to do some types of crowd-funding — way before crowdfunding was cool. The idea was to make it easy for users to collect money by enabling them to organize fundraisers (“let’s all chip-in for Bob’s going-away lunch”) in a quick, simple, and secure way. ChipIn also made it simple for organizers to publicize their fund-raisers, by providing powerful widgets that could be embedded in social media. ChipIn redirected its efforts to being a media-oriented embeddable widget platform (“Sprout Builder”), renaming itself to Sprout. The re-oriented Sprout/ChipIn merged with InMobi (an India-based company providing a mobile advertising/marketing platform) in August 2011.

ChipIn Sprout Builder
In February 2008, ChipIn launched Sprout Builder, a Web-based authoring environment for creating sophisticated Flash content. Sprout Builder was a quick-and-easy way for anyone to build, publish, and manage sophisticated multimedia content, including mini-sites, widgets, banners, mashups, and more. Users can create a variety of Sprouts, from promotional to personal to informational. Sprouts could be edited at any time—all copies in circulation were instantly updated, so audiences could be kept engaged and informed.