CollabRx CollabRx

Acquired by Tegal in August 2012. CollabRx applies collaborative research to slash the time, cost, and risk of therapy development for neglected diseases. The CollabRx model is comprised of virtual biotechs: networks of scientists, clinicians, and CROs. They use best practices from Big Pharma, industrial engineering, and academic research, facilitated by Web-based collaboration and ecommerce.

Working with foundations and research institutions, CollabRx:

  • Builds teams of top researchers
  • Facilitates planning strategic road maps
  • Brings best practices to therapy development
  • Manages plan execution

CollabRx’s e-science platform connects researchers to one another and to a network of scientific services, providing unprecedented opportunities for knowledge sharing and economies of scale.

How CollabRx Works with Clients
CollabRx provides each foundation with the services needed to function as a virtual biotech. These services range from a complete package, including portfolio, resource, and intellectual property management, to simply the collaboration platform and a network of scientific service providers.
CollabRx engages each client in a customized way, building every research team into a collaborative community focused on the unique goal of finding treatments in the shortest possible time.

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