Building on our successful co-sponsorship of the Prediction Markets Summit at UCSF Mission Bay on December 2nd, CommerceNet is also working with Colabria and the KMCluster to present another edition focused on the New York region: Prediction Markets Summit East. It will be held on February 3rd at a location to be determined in NYC. From the invitation:

Smart mobs, swarms, information markets, crowd wisdom, social networks, communities, idea exchanges and knowledge markets all are getting a lot of popular attention today. Why? Because they are highly effective.

Top knowledge scientists, information market practitioners, business school professors, think tanks, KM visionaries and prediction market tool providers are converging for an important, one-day Prediction Markets Summit in New York City on Friday, Feb 3, 2006 on the future of

 Prediction Markets.


Knowledge and prediction markets are becoming routine in the smartest firms. Top firms using prediction markets are Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Eli Lilly, Abbott Laboratories, HP, Intel and Siemens. At the World Economic Forum in Davos knowledge markets will be applied. Of course prediction markets have been used for decades to forecast the outcome of popular elections with uncanny accuracy.

"There is some amazing evidence to support markets as predictors of future events." — (Professor Vernon Smith – 2002 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics)

Join your prediction markets community for a one-day, conversational retreat concerning the tools, practice and theory behind the prediction markets revolution. All are welcome.

"You could do zillions things with prediction markets. A company that can predict the future is a company that is going to win." – Bernardo A. Huberman, Senior Fellow & Director, Information Dynamics Lab, HP Laboratories, Prediction Markets Summit (East)  Keynote Speaker.

Noted author James Surowiecki will be your keynote. See: The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations.

Sponsored by participants, and, in part, by CommerceNet and NewsFutures

Secure, online registration is open. Tuition includes all materials, books, meals, registration, refreshments and reception. Note: Because of the low-cost, there are no press passes or student discounts available.

Secure Registration:  Registration in advance required. No on-site registration. This event will reach capacity quickly. Participation is limited to optimize authentic conversations and collaboration. Register early.

Prediction Markets are a critical business frontier. Why? Brush-up here with Colabria Briefings.

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