At the Where2.0 conference, there are several BOF sessions on hacking maps to work with various location-based services and other devices. The crew is getting together to discuss how to “geo-tag” the Web as well:

geo microformat

From GeoURL to vCard, people are publishing geo and location information on blogs and the web in many different ways. What are the advantages and disadvantages of all these various current practices? Is there a possibility of proposing a simple microformat that addresses today’s practical needs while allowing for more precision and flexibility in the near future?

Join us in a discussion of current formats, current needs, and what we can do to work on defining a geo/location microformat.

Date: Thursday, June 30
Time: 6:15pm – 7:15pm
Location: Borgia Room (Westin St. Francis, SF)
Hosts of the BOF: Tantek Çelik, Kevin Marks, and Ryan King

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