CommerceNet sponsored two inaugural events put on by the new, entrepreneur-networking organization STIRR. STIRR looks to catalyze entrepreneurial activity in the SF Bay Area by hosting two monthly events: The STIRR Mixer and Founder’s Table.

Marty Tenenbaum participated in the first Founder’s Table on May 2, where 14 new and seasoned founders shared dinner peppered with questions and advice on typical challenges faced in starting a new business.

CommerceNet also sponsored the STIRR Mixer on May 10, featuring a host of folks in the tech community, including stealth-mode founders and engineers, journalists, bloggers, connectors and investors. The mixer promotes interaction, socializing and swapping of thoughts/ideas among attendees. Plus, early stage entrepreneurs present ideas to their peer group in our 60-second spot format. Craig Smith attended the event along with 220 STIRRers.

We look forward to supporting them in their future endeavors to help founders bring their business to life!