May 25, 2006

Edinburgh WWW Conference: Panels, Posters, and Programming

Meetings, Talks

For the upcoming 15th International World Wide Web Conference in Edinburgh, CommerceNet’s Rohit Khare reviewed papers, helped organize the Developer Track, co-authored a poster on microformats, will participate in the Collaborative Web Tagging workshop, and will speak on the “Meaning on the Web: Evolution or Intelligent Design?” panel, as well as moderating several sessions. We are looking forward to reconnecting with our colleagues to seek out new open source projects, investment opportunities, and community initiatives CommerceNet can help accelerate…

In particular, keep an eye out for Developer Track presentations by Brian Suda (Microformats, converting XHTML to vCards and vCalendars), Phil Windley (LDDI: Microformats for SOA Registries), and Molly Holzschlag (Developers Tutorial: Practical Microformats).