Next Thursday’s tech talk – there’s a hiatus – will be by our exec dir, Allan Schiffman. He’ll also be at the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) coming up on Oct 26-27

You’re Nobody Till Somebody Rejects You:
Requirements for Internet-scale Identity

We are seeing a proliferation of user-centric identity schemes for the
Internet. The suitability of these schemes will depend on what reliers need
from user identity. This talk reviews a small collection of illustrative
scenarios from community classifieds through police tip lines to online
clinical trials. The requirements of these applications vary, but there
does seem to be a common theme – support for retribution.


Allan M. Schiffman is Executive Director of CommerceNet, an “Idea
Capitalist” for Web 2.0 initiatives based in Palo Alto. His startup average
is .667, for three at bats. Allan’s technical background includes
communications security protocol design and object-oriented language
implementation. Allan has an MSCS from Stanford and is a PhD candidate in CMU’s “Computation,
Organizations and Society” program.