April 6, 2006

T3 4/6: Trip Reports from all over…

Meetings, Talks

Moved to April 6th

Rohit Khare has been out on the road stumping for CommerceNet for almost a month and a half. With a full week back at work under his belt, he’s looking forward to sharing reports from the East Coast prediction markets summit (with Chris Hibbert), MashupCamp, the W3C Technical Plenary in France (and the acclaimed microformats panel there), the O’Reilly Emerging Telephony and Emerging Technology conferences, Infoworld’s SOA Executive Forum, an Apple Town Hall session on Web 2.0, and PC Forum. Watch for photos and HD video highlights from several of these events…

[Future T3s in April will include the future of Zocalo and as hosted services and Elias Sinderson’s doctoral candidacy talk at UCSC (April 13th)… ]