CommerceNet is glad to welcome a visitor from the Nutch development community, Stefan Groschupf. He’ll be presenting a few slides and leading a discussion at our next Thursday Tech Talk, May 11 at our offices at 169 University Ave. We’re looking forward to hearing his thoughts on approaches to indexing microformats, too…

Stefan designed and
built his first search engine for a university library in Germany at the age of 19. By
21, he founded Media Style, Inc., a computer engineering
company specializing in text-mining, search and e-commerce

Over the past 10 years he has consulted on Internet and
database projects for BMW, Intel, Siemens and Hoffmann La Roche. He
is an active member of the Open Source community working on
distributed file-sharing and map-reduce implementation projects. He has also contributed the plugin
architecture and metadata support to Nutch, the leading open source
search engine.

He is also the founder and lead architect for “weta”, an open source
grid computing project.

Currently Stefan works as Chief Architect for and also
consults for other Silicon Valley startups in the vertical
search engine arena.