We’re looking forward to a roundtable discussion about new opportunities for innovation in delivering IT services to small and medium enterprises. While there are IBMs and Accentures at the high end, did you know that Geek Squad (IT support for consumers) has grown from a tiny Minnesota startup to a billion-dollar-a-year unit of Best Buy within a decade? (Don’t believe me? Check out their very own Wikipedia entry!)

For more examples, see the book Blueprint to a Billion, which analyzed all the companies that made it to $1B in revenue in the last 25 years across all industries and synthesized the common elements. There are some very interesting findings; Avery was deeply involved in researching it.

On another front, discussion may also veer off into the latest developments in identity standards for the Internet (and open source implementations of same). Avery has been working with Mike McKay who was been deeply involved with
issues of identity and security for years as former VP of architecture for
Novell and VP of development for Intertrust.

Avery Lyford was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at vSpring Capital and now is CEO of DigiSense Inc. Highlights of his career include a stint at Kleiner, Perkins-backed Linuxcare as CEO, and management consulting at McKinsey & Company. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Churchill Club, a Silicon Valley institution since 1985.