June 8, 2006

T3 6/8: Trip Reports for Zocalo,


While CommerceNet is buzzing with startup activity and visitors this week, it’s time for a quiet Thursday Tech Talk on where Rohit and Chris have been lately. Mr. Hibbert will be reporting on his Zocalo talk at the Chicago Prediction Markets Summit the day before; and Dr. Khare will show some video highlights of the SOA and WWW2006 panel and papers.

There will be no T3 the following week in light of the annual ACM SIGECOM conference in Ann Arbor, EC’06. Nor the following week, since we’ll be attending Supernova

We are working on one for June 29/July 6 on new scripting approaches to 3D graphics. Future talks may also include distributed archiving of PDF files and other suggestions for visitors…