We’re going to hear about the latest technology being unveiled by MediaMachines from VRML and X3D pioneer Tony Parisi:

FLUX™ is the premier platform for developing high performance real-time 3D applications for the web.
Flux is the next logical step in the evolution of real-time 3D software: a content platform that brings the power of the
3D rendering pipeline to the web, enabling the rapid development of real-time communications applications.

Flux provides content creators with the capability to create real-time
animations, virtual worlds, physical simulations, and advanced user interfaces that can be deployed
on desktops and mobile devices, in web pages or as components of larger applications.

Media Machines offers Flux in several editions. The Flux product family includes:

  • Flux Player – Flux Player provides a fully-featured, high performance implementation of the X3D,
    VRML and MPEG-4 standards packaged in a lightweight, just-in-time installed web browser plugin. Flux Player is
    available for free for personal use. Visit our download page to try out the latest
    version of Flux Player.

  • Flux Studio – Coming on June 26th – Flux Studio is an affordable authoring
    and publishing tool that allows content creators to unlock the full potential of Flux as a commercial web deployment platform.
    In the next release, Media Machines will be combining Flux Player and Flux Studio into a
    complete solution that includes advanced content creation features such as binary compression and encryption.

  • KML to X3D Translator (KML2X3D) – KML2X3D is a simple tool that translates
    KML, the Google Earth markup language, into X3D so that authors can take advantage of X3D’s rich feature set to
    create interactive ads, presentations and “mashups” for embedding within Google Earth. KML2X3D is free to use and the source
    code is also available under the GNU Lesser GPL (LGPL) license.