Christopher Allen is a futurist who has been working in the area of social
software for over 15 years. He founded Consensus Development in 1988 as a
groupware engineering firm; Consensus later went on to develop the SSL
standard with Netscape Communications, a security standard which is now at
the heart of all secure commerce on the World Wide Web.  He later founded
Skotos Tech in 1999, an online game channel centered on creating online
communities. More recently Christopher consults for social software
companies such as SocialText, Opinity, and various other startups, and
speaks on the topic of social software at various conferences. Since 2003
has been sharing his experience by blogging about social software and online
trust. Some
of his most popular articles have been Tracing
the Evolution of Social Software
, Four
Kinds of Privacy
, Intimacy
Gradient and Other Lessons from Architecture
, Progressive Trust, On Being
an Angel
, a series of articles on the Dunbar
, and a recent series of articles on types of Collective Choice.