This summer, Kiran Hegde and Michael Gysbers have been working with CommerceNet as software engineering practicum students from Carnegie-Mellon University’s West Coast campus. They have been working with to extend its capabilities to parse microformatted HTML pages crawled from the Web by a server, in addition to our existing Javascript-based Miffy technology for analyzing and editing microformatted pages within a browser.

At this talk, they will present the results of their port to server-side Java, and more importantly, report on the software engineering process that led them here — experimenting with re-hosting the Javascript version with Rhino, creating a test environment, tracking moving requirements, and attemptiong to formalize what it means to parse the entire range of microformats. One of the innovations within CommerceNet’s microformats research they built upon was MFML, an internal microformats markup language that makes it easier for programmers to work with microformatted data as if they were XML data (and use XQuery, etc).

As virtual interns, they have been working by phone from Redmond, WA and Denver, CO respectively — this talk will be delivered by LiveMeeting at our offices at 169 University Ave, and open to all.


Miffy – A Microformat Parser


Team Miffy (Kiran Hegde and Michael Gysbers)



Brief Abstract:

Team Miffy created a configurable and testable server-side microformat parser for CommerceNet. The parser accepts well-formatted xhtml web pages as input and outputs MFML (MicroFormat Markup Language) and formatted XHTML.


4:00 PM PST, Thursday, August 3rd



(605) 772-3001 with access code: 210714#