On the recommendation of both Thomas Vander Wal (information architect and past T3 speaker) and Jerry Bowles (publisher of Enterprise Web 2.0 and fan of KnowNow’s), we were able to invite Bruno Haid of SystemOne to come by CommerceNet this week during the team’s trek from Austria to Austrian-held California.

A screencast of their technology has set the blog world buzzing about their new approach to collaborative knowledge management:

“System One has all the web 2.0 buzzwords under the hood, but they focus on a simple to use tool that pulls together the best of the new components, but only where it makes sense to create a simple tool that addresses complex problems.” — Thomas Vander Wal

“Think of how much more productive your organization would be if everyone worked at the same level of your star performers. Imagine an industrial-strength enterprise app that is so simple to use that it requires no training or special knowledge to learn and so smart that it makes all users instantly more productive? Imagine the knowledge office equivalent of the supermarket revolution that turned every checker into a whiz.” — Jerry Bowles

“The concept of a search engine that can search across the many and varied systems inside a company firewall is a very appealing one. System One does this, but also extends it to a true read/write app – enabling people to take notes and share them with their workmates. This is a very promising piece of software…” — Richard MacManus on ZDNet

“For a start there’s seamless integration of enterprise info and authoring with real-time analysis of what you write. Although there are some familiar technologies involved as well (Wiki/blogging, syndication etc), the tech is presented in a way that from a user’s point of view, it gets out of the way and just works. ” — Danny Ayers, XML/RDF researcher