August 10, 2005

T3/Wed 8/10 5:15PM: Tagschema: Web 2.0 needs Data 2.0


The Thursday Tech Talk (T3) has moved to Wednesday, August 10th at 5:15PM and will be presented by Nitin Borwankar, a new visitor for CN Labs and author of the recently-launched Tagschema weblog. His talks focuses on database architecture styles for highly scalable folksonomy applications. We also expect to follow up on discussions of a potential open-source platform for experimenting with tags that came up during Q&A at the last TagTuesday meeting. We will also be going out for dinner afterwards with all and sundry who can make it…

“Folksonomy applications generate orders of magnitude greater data items than previous generation (Web 1.0) applications. However, prevalent practice in folksonomy database design appears not to have registered the implications of this on scalability of the backend. Logical design of the database schema is a strong determinant of the scalability. We examine entities and relationships that form the core of tagschema, comparing and contrasting these with older patterns still in use. We also look at how to these interact with physical design in building the next generation tagging platform.”