A multi-center “dream team’’ of scientists, led by UCSF, is embarking on a groundbreaking $10M initiative in personalized medicine, to overcome therapeutic resistance in patients with advanced prostate cancer.

Cancer Commons is supporting the Team through collaboration with Ted Goldstein and Josh Stuart of UCSC on the development of Medbook, a “Facebook for Cancer,” which will connect the team’s scientists and clinicians in a “rapid learning community”.  Participants will be able to collaboratively analyze and discuss the data from refractory prostate cancer patients at all participating centers, to identify the molecular drivers of this disease and optimal interventions.  This knowledge will be continually tested and refined based on the latest laboratory and clinical findings.  Our vision is for every patient to be treated using the best and most up-to-date knowledge and to update that knowledge based on each patient’s response. Clinically actionable results will be rapidly disseminated through Medbook to affected patients and their physicians.

Learn more about this exciting initiative at UCSF.