November 3, 2005

T3 11/3: TagCamp Wrapup w/Kevin Hughes

Talks, Visitors

CommerceNet’s own itinerant Webmaster Kevin Hughes flew in from Hawaii on Saturday morning for TagCamp, and by that afternoon he’d already whipped up an intriguing study on the parts-of-speech used for tags and a stab at reversing the mix to automate suggesting tags for articles… come by our new offices on 169 University Ave to see a reprise of that talk and a ‘trip report’ on the success of TagCamp — 120+ attendees (!)

“This presentation explores the results of the lexical analysis of various tag collections as well as normal text. What can we learn from human-generated metadata to help make automatically-generated metadata set more usable, correct, efficient, and most importantly, humane?” — from Kevin’s slides on Lexical Analysis of Tag Collections for the Improvement of Tag Auto-Generation

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