, September 10, 2008

Products from two CommerceNet portfolio companies, Usable Security Systems and Ångströ, made Lifehacker’s “Top 10 Up-and-Coming Products” list after DEMOfall 08 and TechCrunch50-2008.

UsableLogin, by Usable Security Systems, topped the list at number one:
“This password-aggregating service hews closely to the secure password system our lead editor proposed two years ago: One password you can remember, modified for every web site login by a system you can understand. UsableLogin automates the second part of that equation — you type in a passcode, and it adds bits of cryptographic data to it for each site. The system appears to work through an extension, so time will tell if it ends up being a Firefox-only novelty or a great idea in password security.” 

Popego, by Ångströ, came in at number seven:
“There are a lot of startups dedicated to hooking into, organizing, or otherwise taking advantage of people signed up to multiple social networks and social media. Most aren’t going to help you get much done, but these two deserve some mention, and together might work quite well. Popego looks at what you look at on the web, checks out your social profiles, and recommends web content with adjustable filters. You can see sites that Popego thinks you and your friends enjoy in common, show only videos that you might find interesting, and make other adjustments. For those who use social media mainly as a career-boosting tool, Angstro is perfect — it shows you news and items about the people you follow on Facebook and LinkedIn, not all the stuff they’ve dashed off and posted. So if one of your clients makes an announced sale, or your old boss suddenly winds up at a company you’d really like to work for, Angstro is the one letting you know. Now, that’s some helpful network noise.”

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