Jeff Shrager, PhD, CommerceNet Fellow Emeritus and Consulting Professor, Symbolic Systems Program, Stanford.

Jeff was a CommerceNet fellow since forever, and we wish he still was here.

Jeff has three decade of experience in scientific computation, especially biocomputing and computational simulation. As director of engineering of Afferent Systems, a robotic combi-chem startup, he worked on the company’s symbolic reaction simulation engine. Dr. Shrager subsequently led the NASA/NSF-funded BioBike project at the Carnegie Inst. of Washington Dept. of Plant Biology. BioBike was the world’s first cloud-based omics computing platform, incorporating a rich network of biological and biochemical knowledge and a high performance reasoning engine, all  accessible via a simple through-the-web programmable interface, allowing biologists with little computing background to conduct novel complex computations. Dr. Shrager also co-founded and served as CTO for CommerceNet-backed CollabRx, Inc. (NASDQ: CLRX), whose technology recommends clinical trials for cancer patients based upon a set of hybrid ranking methods. Dr. Shrager has published nearly 100 peer-reviewed papers in fields as diverse as non-linear mathematics, computational biology, molecular biology, computer science, machine learning, collaborative analytics, human-machine interaction, usable privacy, and cognitive neuroscience. View Dr. Shrager’s personal website.

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