Lisa Dusseault was a CommerceNet fellow 2007-2009.

Ms. Dusseault alternates between Internet protocol design and standardization, and startup software engineering. Her primary interests are in collaborative software, including Calendaring, Instant Messaging, and shared authoring. Currently, she is VP of Engineering at Klutch, building mobile apps (and scalable backends) for interpersonal scheduling.

In standards, Lisa has served as Applications Area Director of the IETF, and co-chair of the IMAP Extensions, Calendar Simplifications, WebDAV and XMPP Working Groups. Ms. Dusseault is the first author of the CalDAV standard, and the author of the standard book on WebDAV, “WebDAV: Next-Generation Collaborative Web Authoring” (Prentice Hall, 2003).

In startup endeavours, while at CommerceNet, Ms. Dusseault prototyped an open Web service for visualizing epidemiological data.  She has also founded and served as CTO of ShareTheVisit, a Web service for teleconferencing between patients’ families and patients’ doctors.  Prior to that she has been an Architect and Development manager at Linden Lab, at Open Source Applications Foundation and at Xythos, and as a Program Manager at Microsoft on a number of projects including Exchange and Microsoft Internet Chat Server. Ms. Dusseault holds a BASc in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.