Michael was a visiting scientist during 2007 – 2008, designing and building prototypes for CollabRx, a Web-based software platform that supports collaboration among scientists working on therapy development.

Mike is currently Principal Software Engineer and Lead Ontologist at Quixey. Prior to joining Quixey, he had a lead role in a variety of software companies building tools for knowledge management in the life sciences. He was a member of SRI’s Bioinformatics Research Group where he worked on tools for for metabolic engineering and synthetic biology tools. He likes to work in the intersection of complex knowledge representation and user interface design.

He holds degrees in Mathematics and Media Arts and Sciences from MIT, where he did research on artificial life, learning environments, and agent-based computing at the Media Laboratory.  His work focuses on the intersection of knowledge representation, visualization, and discovery.  An experienced interaction designer, he has exhibited interactive installations at the SIGGRAPH Art Show and the Boston Computer Museum.  He has held research positions at MIT AI Laboratory, IBM, and the Centre Mondial in Paris.

Positions and papers may be found here.