CommerceNet, a high-tech research-based lab and incubator in Palo Alto, invites creative and technically-oriented students to apply to its 2014 intern program. Interns pursue projects of their own design, in collaboration with CommerceNet researchers and entrepreneurs. Current projects apply the tools of information theory, cognitive science, and data science in domains such as data privacy, biomedical discovery, and information economics. Intern projects are generally academic in nature, involving data collection and analysis, mathematical modeling, simulation, or software prototyping.

Internships are three-month full-time salaried positions, with flexible start/end dates. Applicants should send a resume and brief cover letter describing (roughly) your background/skills and domains of interest (presumably somewhat overlapping with those mentioned above), to Anne Ferris <>. Please include the name/email of at least one senior reference, such as a professor familiar with your work.

About CommerceNet: CommerceNet is a research-based high-tech think tank, lab, and incubator. Our researchers, interns, and fellows have a two-decade-long history of publishing important peer-reviewed, scientific work, and founding successful startups, including Veo, EIT, Webify, MedStory, Angstro, Powerset, Usable Security Systems, and CollabRx. We are located in downtown Palo Alto, at the heart of Silicon Valley, very close to Stanford University and local transportation hubs. Some of the world’s best intellectual, recreational, and caffeinational amenities are close to hand.