What We Do

At CommerceNet, we harness the power of the Internet to transform existing processes—making them better, faster, and more efficient. We do this by:

  • Finding the right talent and backing it
  • Tapping the collective intelligence to solve problems and improve decisions
  • Redefining processes to put more intelligence into software
  • Dramatically lowering transaction costs, creating new categories of products and services

As a result, we’ve created a balanced portfolio of initiatives—long-term and short, high risk and sure thing, never been tried and
retried at the right time, too theoretical to work and so obvious it must have been tried long ago.

Currently, our two biggest passions are changing how Internet security is done and improving healthcare by industrializing therapy development. Both of these initiatives utilize the Internet to radically alter the status quo, introducing novel approaches to long-standing problems.

Collaboration Is Critical to Our Approach

To ensure the greatest outcomes with the farthest reaching impact, we collaborate with a number of sources who share our interests, including:

  • Open Source Initiative, to which we contribute code and resources
  • Industrial R&D labs, with whom we do joint development
  • Universities, where we teach, do joint research, and sponsor interns

Our goal is to foster shared success, have fun, do good, and reinvest in the future.


Founded in 1994, CommerceNet has been a trusted intermediary, conducting research and piloting programs that have advanced the commercial use of the Internet. In fact, we had a direct role in some of the industry’s first milestones, including:

  • Secure Internet-based electronic commerce transactions
  • Internet business services built on XML messaging
  • Internet-based open trading networks
  • Certificate authority
  • Large-scale Internet-user demographics surveys, normalizing online data against classical polling

CommerceNet was founded by Internet commerce pioneer Dr. Jay M. Tenenbaum, whose vision was to enhance the Internet with an open network of businesses exchanging services with each other. He established CommerceNet to serve as a business forum, fostering global collaboration and advancing the rapid, real-time exchange of business information.