As administrative consultant, Martha Dehnow handles the administration, accounting, human resources, and facilities tasks at CommerceNet, as well as assisting CommerceNet’s portfolio companies. She specializes in helping startups grow to their fullest potential by allowing them to focus on their core business while she manages the array of administrative issues facing new companies.

Prior to CommerceNet, Ms. Dehnow worked for BDNA Corporation, as manager, administration. She has also worked for early stage startups, such as EIT and Veo Systems, which were later acquired by VeriFone, Hewlett-Packard, and Commerce One.

Ms Dehnow holds a BA from the University of California, Berkeley.

Allan M. Schiffman instituted and oversaw CommerceNet’s investment activities and fellows program. Over the years he was advisor to and a board-member for several of CommerceNet’s portfolio companies.

While at CommerceNet, he co-founded and served as CTO of Usable Security Systems, and served as acting CPO/COO of CollabRx.

Mr. Schiffman’s engineering career spans system modeling, processor architecture, programming languages, software development tools, internet applications, and communications security. His current interests include secure distributed systems, user-centric authentication, privacy, and electronic commerce. Mr. Schiffman is sometimes called to be an expert witness and consultant in IP litigation cases.

Prior to CommerceNet, Mr. Schiffman was founder and chief technology officer of Terisa Systems, a pioneer in Web security. Earlier, Mr. Schiffman was chief technology officer at Enterprise Integration Technologies, a leader in the development of Internet electronic commerce and the creator of CommerceNet. He played a significant role in creating many innovative systems that paved the way for electronic commerce, including Mastercard/Visa’s payment card protocol (SET), the first Web security protocol (S-HTTP), and the first secure Web browser (Secure Mosaic, deployed by CommerceNet in 1994).

Earlier in his career, Mr. Schiffman led the development of a family of high-performance Smalltalk implementations that gained both academic recognition and commercial success. These systems included several innovations now widely adopted, such as the “just-in-time compilation” technique universally used by Java virtual machines.

Mr. Schiffman holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.