Entry notification due Dec 10th… EEE-05 Contest Technical Details:

The EEE-05 Challenge is perhaps the first web service discovery/composition competition. As such, in this first year, we expect that the technical details of the competition will evolve as we learn more about the nature of running such a competition. The intention of this web page is to continually update the participants with contest details and quirks as they are discovered.

Objectives. The objective of the competition, in this first year, is to encourage participants to concentrate on syntactical matching and chaining for Web Service Description Language (WSDL)
documents. A successful software entry will be able to accurately and efficiently find services using the part names underlying their input and output messages. Secondly, entries will have to create chains of services by linking output part names to the subsequent input part names. The intent of this first year is for participants to create part name matching components/agents that will set the foundation for later years of this competition (i.e. each year with more technical rigor). Participants should also focus on robust system design and efficient programming techniques.

Evaluation. We are still working on the most effective approach to evaluating the software. We anticipate that one aspect will be a subjective score on the system design. The other aspects will be performance and accuracy. One idea is to allow the discovery and composition to proceed for a limited amount of time and count the accurate number of discoveries or compositions, respectively. Although, the developing the evaluating technique is still be considered by the advisory board, we assure participants that the
competition will be run with the best intentions to keep the judging fair.