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CACM: CACM Editorial Calendar

SEPTEMBER 2005: Tagging the World: RFID Technologies and Issues

Passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags will make it possible to add tags to almost every manufactured object, spurring a revolution in how the physical world is connected to the ever-growing information environment. Though motivated by the needs of supply-chain management, RFID tags are likely to find consumer applications as well. Only beginning to be addressed are many theoretical and practical issues in data management, distributed systems, privacy, and data mining.


DECEMBER 2005: The Semantic E-Business Vision

As research in the foundation technologies for the Semantic Web develops, the application of these technologies to enable Semantic eBusiness is of increasing importance to the professional and academic communities. Ever-growing competition is forcing organizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes, placing increased onus on managers to develop systems incorporating emergent technologies that offer seamless availability of knowledge. Semantic eBusiness provides organizations with means to design collaborative and integrative, inter- and intra-organizational business processes and systems founded on that seamless exchange. This section will present examples of innovative, knowledge-rich business models that enhance the vision of Semantic eBusiness.