September 13, 2004

Feedmesh: Decentralized Web Notifications

Decentralization By: ams

Jeremy Zawodny talks about the inevitability of search results as RSS that can be subscribed to, quoting Tim Bray:

They’ve also done something way cool with their Google appliance; one of the bright geeks there has set up a thing where you can subscribe to a search and get an RSS feed. Well, duh. Anyone could fix up one of those using the Google API, I wonder why Google isn’t supporting this already?

This in turn reminds us of Jeff Barr’s real-time headline view (more thoughts), which he talked about this weekend at Foo Camp, also attended by Sam Ruby, who talked about FeedMesh, a working group to establish a “peering network” for decentralized web(site|log) update notifications and content distribution. This is the start of something potentially wonderful…

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