Chris Masse’s year end summary of Prediction Markets activity for 2004 gave a pointer to an article from Time Magazine back in July that I had skimmed earlier. When I looked at it again, I found references to internal markets at Microsoft, Eli Lilly, and Intel that I hadn’t noticed before. It seems worth the time to gather together references to all the internal market experiments I’ve heard about, since most of them haven’t been written up formally as far as I’ve been able to tell.

Company subject organizer references
HP sales level Charles Plott Time, Plott & Chen
Eli Lilly drug efficacy Eli Lilly Time
Microsoft developer acceptance of new releases Todd Proebsting Time
Intel assignment of chip production to plants Tom Malone Time
British Petroleum Pollution Credit trading * internal Tom Malone: The Future of Work
Siemens software development scheduling Gerhard

* I should mention that the BP case was trading internal pollution credits, while all
the others seem to have been Idea Futures markets.

I’ve added several more examples to a copy of
this table on the CommerceNet wiki.
They include Google, Corning, and Rite Solutions