I’ve just uploaded a new version of Zocalo to SourceForge. It’s available as a file download or via CVS. Here are the Release Notes and Change List. (Set your CVSROOT to :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/zocalo.)

Kevin Hughes built us a pretty home page in the obvious project location on sourceforge. People who know the project name and that we’re on SourceForge will now be able to quickly find a reasonable description of the project.

The new version displays explanations to an experiment’s subjects of the values behind their scores. It also adds a countdown timer so the “Time Remaining” field updates as the experiment proceeds. We’ve changed the login page so the users have to supply a user name rather than choosing one from a list. We also fixed a performance bug in the javascript that was slowing down redisplay significantly.

Kragen Sittaker reviewed The bulk of the javascript code (stripchart.js, used mostly for updating the strip chart), and his suggestions have been incorporated. Mike Linksvayer noticed some mistakes in the INSTALL notes which have been corrected, and suggested the CVS release.