December 5, 2008

Usable Security Systems Wins Silicon Valley Emerging Technology Award


On Thursday evening, December 4, 2008, at the Computer History Museum, the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal announced its 2008 Emerging Tech Award winners. The criterion for choosing winners was the ability to completely change a technology field, not just advance it a click.

Usable Security Systems, a CommerceNet portfolio company, won the security category.

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December 5, 2008

Usable Security Systems Strengthens Password Defenses


By Mary Duan

Austin Business Journal, Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal

For years, Rachna Dhamija has been fascinated with authentication. She has researched why phishing attacks for passwords and information can be successful, and what causes a system’s security to fail.

Now, she’s taken the subject of her Ph.D. thesis at Berkeley and post-doctoral work at Harvard and turned it into a company that may solve the problem of how and why system security fails.

Here’s a hint: It’s generally not the system–it’s the user.

“We design these systems and assume users will know how to configure things and have perfect memories, and of course nobody has a perfect memory” when it comes to remembering passwords, Dhamija said.

Her company, Usable Security Systems, targets the end user of a system, someone who wants to manage passwords with ease.

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December 4, 2008

Health 2.0: Patients as Partners

In the News


By Catherine Arnst

Social networks like PatientsLikeMe let people take charge of their own care–changing the nature of drug research and the practice of medicine

“…Medicine has always been a top-down affair. Doctors, drug companies, regulators, and researchers are the expert gate-keepers, telling patients what they need to know. Even their own medical records are locked away to protect their privacy. So what would happen if critically ill patients joined together, obtained their personal information, and made it public?

“Just such a real-world experiment is under way at a Web-based social network started by the company PatientsLikeMe,” a CommerceNet portfolio company.

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November 24, 2008 Says UsableLogin Delivers Superior Security

In the News

In September 2008, Usable Security Systems, a CommerceNet portfolio company, demonstrated its new product–UsableLogin–at DEMOfall08.

DEMO has this to say about UsableLogin on Usable’s almuni page:

“Admit it: you have a critical password scribbled on a Post-It note somewhere. We should know better, but the fact is passwords are a pain and we want life to be easy. Usable Security Systems understands the issue and has created a secure password scheme that embraces our humanness yet makes us much more secure. UsableLogin delivers superior security for individuals and protected sites with virtually no barrier to adoption. Why wouldn’t you use it, unless maybe you have a thing for Post-Its.

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November 21, 2008

Four of Molecular Medicine’s Thought Leaders Will Keynote at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

In the News

“November 21, 2008–Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s (CHI) flagship event, the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference (February 24 – 27, 2009) will feature four of molecular medicine’s thought leaders as Plenary Keynotes.

Jay M. Tenenbaum, Ph.D., Chairman and Chief Scientist of CollabRx, Inc., will deliver a keynote presentation to discuss “Using Molecular Medicine to Do Therapeutic Development in the Network Age,” on Wednesday, February 25, 2009, at 8:55am. Dr. Tenenbaum is a leader in Internet commerce and tells the personal and timely story of transforming healthcare and accelerating therapy development through virtual biotechs.”

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November 21, 2008

CollabRx Facilitates Collaboration Between Researchers of Niemann-Pick Type C

In the News

CollabRx, a CommerceNet portfolio company, was featured in “Twin Disorders,” an article in the November 2008 issue of The Scientist.

“CollabRx facilitates collaboration between researchers of Niemann-Pick Type C.

“The purpose is to find therapies faster by getting scientists to develop a targeted strategy for doing so, share ideas and data, and making sure no one doubles another’s efforts.

“CollabRx’s software platform lets them share data and ideas remotely.”

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November 13, 2008

Jeff Shrager Interviewed for PharmaVOICE

In the News

Jeff Shrager, CTO at CollabRx, a CommerceNet Portfolio company, was one of five thought leaders interviewed by PharmaVOICE for an article by Robin Robinson in the October 2008 issue.

Virtual Pharma: Cheaper and Faster, but Doable?

More and more science-based projects are being shared across silos, networks, and organizations. At the same time, biomedical knowledge is expanding rapidly, but the existing drug-discovery process is unable to keep pace. The industry needs to fix what is broken, and the solution, our experts say, is in the evolution of a virtual business model.

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November 12, 2008

SupplyFrame and Cadence Launch New Partnership that Gives PCB Design Teams Access to Extensive Component Information Database

In the News

San Jose, California, November 12, 2008 — Cadence Design Systems, Inc., the leader in global electronic design innovation, is teaming with SupplyFrame, Inc., the industry’s leading component search engine, for its new ActiveParts Portal that will provide engineers with new component choices and even greater access to the component information they need to create their designs.

SupplyFrame is a CommerceNet portfolio company.

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November 3, 2008

PatientsLikeMe Report Indicates MS Patients Still Positive for Tysabri Following July Announcement of PML Cases


CAMBRIDGE, MA., November 3, 20089

PatientsLikeMe, the leading online community for patients with life-changing conditions, announces the release of its newest PatientsLikeMeListen(TM) report: “Did the July 2008 PML announcement affect the Tysabri brand?” Among its findings, the report reveals that patients retained an overall positive perception of the Tysabri brand despite the July 2008 announcement of two additional PML cases.

PatientsLikeMe is a CommerceNet portfolio company.

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October 29, 2008

Vivaty Everywhere: Embeddable Scenes Now Make It Possible to Cut and Paste Web-Based Virtual Scenes into Any Blog, Site Brand, or Online Destination


Leading Entertainment and Political Brands Launch Customized Vivaty-Embedded Scenes

MENLO PARK, CALIF., October 29, 2008–Vivaty Inc. today launched Vivaty Everywhere, the company’s new addition to its Web-based virtual world platform.

Vivaty is a CommerceNet portfolio company.

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