Name Creator Code Version Paper Description
Zocalo Chris Hibbert open source latest release 2006/7/14 CommerceNet Tech Report: The Zocalo White Paper A java toolkit for prediction markets. Includes an general purpose prediction market configuration as well as a configuration intended for use in laboratory economics experiments.
Free Market Jesse Gillespie open source link is broken “a PHP-based freeware virtual market package using MySQL. When completed, FreeMarket will provide an open-source way for researchers and educators to easily incorporate IEM-like electronic virtual prediction markets into their programs.”
jMarkets CalTech open source version 1.5 released 2005/11/1 “a web-based platform for running large-scale market experiments.” CDA with book
jAuctions CalTech   “Available soon!” since at least mid-2005   a web-based platform for running auctions.
multistage CalTech open source last release 2004/9/16   “a modular package, designed to deal with a broad class of multi-stage games, where the stages may be determined by players’ play and/or random events.”
JASA Liverpool University. open source latest release 2005/2/18 Phelps, et. al., Co-Evolutionary Mechanism Design: A Preliminary Report “a high-performance auction simulator that allows researchers in agent-based computational economics to run trading simulations.”
Idea Futures Ken Kittlitz open source (limited license) latest release 2005/8/25 Experiences with the Foresight Exchange The source code for the longest running open play-money prediction market site on the web.
usifex Peter McCluskey open source 2000/2/9 none An implementation of prediction markets that makes general conditional betting possible.
MUMS HP Labs closed source Not available COMPUTER GAMES AND ECONOMICS EXPERIMENTS, Yut Chen and Ren Wu focused on games & turn taking; no foundation for switchable auctions/markets
Gambit Texas A&M open source latest release 2006/1/20 focused on general games
AuctionBot Wellman, UMich closed source retired a mention supported auctions between automated agents and people; demand functions
Walras Wellman, UMich closed source not available Market Oriented Programming call market; competitive equilibria; demand functions; market simulation
Resource Oriented Multi-commodity Algorithm Fredrik Ygge open source 1998/2/27 Publications An algorithm, not a toolkit