Intriguing tidbit that came across my desk from a Forrester newsletter… it led me, in turn, to BlogAds, which appears to be running a private-label ad network of top bloggers with quite a bit to recommend it. | 08/19/2004 | Company must now take steps to go beyond good by Dan Gillmor

It’s also an obvious business for competitors. If Microsoft and Yahoo weren’t tough enough opponents, consider the growing number of micro-advertising services that are springing up to serve niche markets. In the Weblog world, for example, a small company called Blogads ( has been effective for advertisers who want to target specific online journals. Google’s ad products are fine, but they’re hardly a monopoly.

Forrester Research: An Introduction To RSS: Why Companies Should Pay Attention Now

September 27, 2004, 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. Eastern time
Cost: $240 or 2 Service Units (no charge for Member-level clients)

Consumers have started adopting the use of RSS (which stands for “rich site summary” but also “really simple syndication”) as a way to easily read content feeds from Weblogs as well as publishers like CNET, The New York Times, and Wall Street Journal.

* What is RSS? * How will RSS develop?
* What should content providers be doing RSS?
* What should marketers be doing with RSS?

Vendors Mentioned: BlogAds, Bloglines, Craig’s List, FeedDemon, Feedster, NewsGator, Pheedo, Technorati, Yahoo!