Today CommerceNet’s Smart Health Portal was launched during the Smart Health Summit. The initiative:

Smart Valley, a non-profit committed to turning Silicon Valley into the leading user of the technologies it invents, and CommerceNet will work with the Smart Health Forum, a community of healthcare provider, insurers, employers and foundations in Silicon Valley. The Forum, which is open to all interested parties, will collaborate on the implementation of network-based tools that will greatly facilitate the sharing of medical records without compromising patient privacy, data security or provider choice.

The network will allow patients and providers to ‘publish’ an entry in a data registry when a healthcare transaction occurs, whether it’s a visit to a provider, filling a prescription or getting a test result. All of the patient’s data remains in the source systems – only a pointer is recorded. The next time there is a visit, whether to a doctor’s office or an emergency room, authorized caregivers will be able to see the transactions and call up x-ray images, test results and other information needed to provide rapid diagnosis and treatment. Similarly, consumers will be able to see and update their personal information and that of their children. Patients and providers will set the policy that determines who can see what data.

These network tools will be piloted in several different environments. Projects being considered include a senior- and chronic care in the emergency room and a ‘Virtual Clinic’ concept that illustrates how physicians and community-based caregivers can share information.

The pilots will be funded through a collection of public and private funds. CommerceNet is applying for state and federal funds, some of which will require matching funds from local organizations. We will work with community-based foundations to help us raise funds.

When proven, Smart Health will be made available to the rest of the Bay Area, California, and the nation.