Mark Baker responds to Rohit’s Teepee post:

Depending upon your POV, TP could either be PEP/SOAP (or similar), or HTTP itself. mod-pubsub probably best reflects the latter position, but I could see value in the former.

I’m not sure that there’s much in the way of a significant architectural difference between the two, but the latter would be a more useful self-contained package; a personal server, I reckon…

Oh, and parameterized topics! Woot! I think that’s just an optimization, but an important one…

Note how routing messages to you via email doesn’t work, but routing blog comments to an initial message of yours does? There’s a lesson there, somewhere.

TP will likely have both PEP/SOAP and HTTP gateways that
canonicalize the messages being sent so they can be output in either
format as well. SMTP is likely another important gateway interface.

The key arhitectural question we will likely pursue is: how to
make the TP protocol itself as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Parameterized topics? Hmmm… topics seem so gossamer sometimes
that it’s hard not to see them as just another name/value pair
attached to a message.