The 14th International World Wide Web Conference 2005 May ’05, paper deadline of 11/28

SIGSOFT 2004 / FSE-12 Workshop in Interdisciplinary Software
Engineering Research (WISER)

SIGSOFT 2004/FSE-12 Home Page Oct 31 – Nov 5

2004 Workshop on Self-Managing Systems (WOSS04) Home Page

An increasingly important requirement for software-based systems is the ability to adapt themselves at run time to handle such things as resource variability, changing user needs, and system faults. In the past, systems that supported self-management were rare, confined mostly to domains like telecommunications switches or deep space control software, where taking a system down for upgrades was not an option, and where human intervention was not always feasible. However, today more and more systems have this requirement, including e-commerce systems and mobile embedded systems.