Z Lab

The Z Lab is the research Centre of Z Productions. Since its move from Marseille to Cardiff (UK) in September 1995, the research and development programme focused on the co-evolution of humans and machines.

The machines are presented in art exhibitions, live performances and videos.

Sexy Robots in Venice | Gridskipper

That’s right — these two robots are doing just what you think they’re doing. And I’m showing it! To the children! This is Venice, where some robots fuck and others simply weep. Didn’t somebody say that in Death in Venice? No, well, as the Venice Biennale proves, perhaps someone should have. Specifically, the Welsh pavilion at the biennale features an installation by artist Paul Granjon called “Robotarium.” In the exhibit, two ‘sexed’ robots wander around until they go into ‘heat,’ at which point they attempt to locate each other and engage in what passes for lusty intercourse among the Roomba set: The male then starts moving his penis while the female adjusts her position to facilitate the operation. The robots emit various sounds during the mating cycle.