[This post was accidently embargoed due to a bug in our handling of WordPress drafts. It was sent out on the feed in October, but never appeared on the blog page.]

David Porter
of the Interdisciplinary
Center for Economic Science
at George
Mason University
wrote a very complimentary note to
Allan Schiffman,
CommerceNet’s Director. Professor Porter described Zocalo as the
backbone for the experiments that we are collaborating on with
Robin Hanson, Ryan Oprea, and Dorina Tila. He also said that he
knows of a half dozen US researchers who are planning to use Zocalo in
their research, and mentioned that he is hosting several foreign
researchers at George Mason who will also be introduced to Zocalo.
Over the summer, Porter spoke at GMU’s prestigious Graduate Student
, and demonstrated Zocalo to the attendees.

This isn’t the first time that Prof. Porter has talked about the researchers
he knows about who are using or planning to use Zocalo, but it’s the
most specific list I’ve seen. If you are planning to use Zocalo, or
strongly considering it, it would be useful if you got in touch with
me. I have been adding support recently for more configuration
options to the code, and the more I know about how people are hoping
to use the system, the better I’ll be able to trade off and prioritize
implementation choices.