In response to a couple of requests for installation help, I spent most of the week figuring out how to install under Windows, and how to generate appropriate zip files. I have uploaded a new release of the Zocalo Prediction Market Software to SourceForge. There are now 5 different files you can choose from in order to run Experiments or Prediction Markets, on Windows (zip) or unix-based platforms (tar.gz), or to get a copy of the entire source tree.

I’m embarassed to admit that I broke the Experiments in the last release, but they should be fixed.

On another note, while I was poking around SourceForge the other day, I noticed that they keep statistics on downloads and visits. The statistics on downloads didn’t have any interesting consistency, and I think the “project web traffic” means my use to check-in changes and maintain the code, but this graph of traffic sure looks interesting. A steadily growing number of visits is good. Thanks for your interest. I plan to keep improving Zocalo; I hope to justify your continued interest.