Chris Masse sent me a pointer to Marco Ottaviani‘s draft announcement for a Mini-Conference on Information and Prediction Markets to be held December 19 in London. That’s so little notice, and so close to Christmas that I’m not seriously contemplating attending, but the list of speakers is another good one. If London isn’t a long trip for you, think about this one.

  • Paul Tetlock: Designing Information Markets for Decision Making
  • Robin Hanson: Comparing Ways to Encourage Information Market Participation
  • Leighton Vaughan-Williams: Efficiency in Exchange Betting Markets
  • Olivier Gergaud: Strategic Forecasting in Rank-Order Tournaments
  • Frederic Koessler: Individual Behavior and Beliefs in Experimental Parimutuel Betting Markets
  • Justin Wolfers: Interpreting Prediction Market Prices as Probabilities
  • Peter Norman Sorensen: Aggregation of Information and Beliefs in Prediction Markets
  • Erik Snowberg: Partisan Impacts on the Stockmarket
  • Koleman Strumpf: Manipulating Political Stock Markets
  • Eric Zitzewitz: Full Distribution Event Studies

It’s nice to see the number of conferences and workshops in this area growing.