Internet News talks about Amazon’s forthcoming release of Amazon Web Services 4, pointing out the utility of shopping cart web services:

The Amazon shopping cart in AWS 4.0 now permits application users to add items to the Amazon Save for Later cart. Shopping cart abandonment continues to be a major problem for the e-commerce industry. A recent DoubleClick study showed that 57 percent of all carts are abandoned by shoppers and only 26.5 percent of them will come back to actually make a purchase.

What might come in Amazon Web Services 5? Mod-pubsub speculates “PubSub Amazon Web Services”, citing ZapThink senior analyst Jason Bloomberg:

Amazon Web Services 4 is still entirely request-reply in structure, which is adequate for supporting Web interfaces, but would not be sufficient or incorporating into more general business processes, or more broadly, into Service-Oriented Architectures, which require asynchronous Services.

Shopping Cart Services + PubSub Services = ?